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All items below can also be purchased over the counter directly from the Rifle, Colorado Ranger Station Headquarters.

All donations benefit the restoration and ongoing preservation of the Cayton Ranger Station, one of the oldest ranger stations in the United States.

Your donations are tax deductible.

Donate now to receive this beautiful book!

James G. Cayton: Pioneer Forest Ranger
by David W. Cayton & Caroline E. Metzler
Donation: $35.00
Leather-Bound: 240 pages
Publisher: David W. Cayton
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-882426-33-1

A True Story Out Of The Old West

This 240-page pictorial history of an early forest ranger's life draws from  sixty years' worth of memorabilia and one man's Forest Service diaries kept up-to-date every four hours.

It portrays the roots of the conservation movement in the United States through the actions of an everyday hero. One of the original 71 rangers of the new Forest Service, Cayton guarded his 677-square-mile territory (then the Grand River District in western Colorado) on horseback – regularly riding twenty miles per day.

Jim's wife Birdie, known as "Sweetheart of the Forest Service" worked alongside her husband at times in the field, and regularly staffed the ranger station that the couple built together by hand.

Reading their story and viewing the more than 400 photos and documents in this beautifully etched, leather-bound coffee table book will give you a memorable experience of real lives lived taming the West.

Donate to receive these notecards!

Note Cards (Set of 8)
Donation: $10.00
Artist: Richard F. "Dick" Ostergaard
Language: English
SKU# 4000

This is a set of 8 beautiful, cream colored note cards with matching envelopes.

Each are blank on the inside and feature the sketch of the historic Cayton Ranger Station, circa 1912, created by artist, Richard Ostergaard. The back features a description of the Ranger Station and a mini biography of the artist.