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Preserving History

Accomplishments ~ Stabilizing the Cabin

As a result of family and Forest Service efforts, the nearby Silt Historical Society in Colorado was given a State Historical Fund grant, the purpose of which was to finance an historical structure assessment (HSA), on the Cayton Ranger Station. Andrews and Anderson Architects, PC, undertook the initial assessment of the station and a restorative plan was established.

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In April of 2005, the ranger station was named to the National Register of Historic Places. Next, the Cayton Ranger Station Foundation was formed and a board of directors elected. Non-profit status was sought and achieved in 2007, and a critical alliance with the Forest Service was formed to collaborate on the cabin’s restoration. Work began on the site in preparation for construction the same year.

Since then, the cabin site has gone through extensive clean-up and significant maintenance. In addition to a new roof, new porches and new sill logs, the entire cabin was raised up and lowered onto a completely new foundation.

Your contribution today will help support this project. Donate today and be a part of the continued restoration and ongoing care of an historic landmark!

The Cayton Ranger Station Foundation board is dedicated to the progress of restoration and utilization of this nationally significant site.

The foundation would like to acknowledge and thank David Cayton for his initiative, time, and financial support of this important endeavor.